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>> reporter: we thank all of the in and out corporations. martha: it's not the same, accept ard not the same.
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>>shepard: and now, drawing a line in the sand over america's skyrocketing debt. president obama warning that if republicans do not accept some sort of compromise, the united states government will not be able to pay some of the bills for the first time in the nation's history. as you probably know, congress must decide by august 2nd whether to raise the so-called debt ceiling and that is the amount the u.s. government is allowed to borrow. president obama also wants $4
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trillion in deficit cuts the fix decade. but republicans are now refusing to raise taxes to meet the goal. and, today, the president said he is not interested in any short-term solution. >> what i will not consider are a 30-day or a 60-day or a 90-day or 108-day temporary stopgap resolution to the problem. this is the united states of america. we don't manage our affairs in three month in democratics. >>shepard: but john boehner argues that the white house plan will not self the debt problem and it could make matters worse. >> our correspondent is like at white house now, with more on this issue and what it means to the country. it sounds like a stand off and time is running out. >>reporter: we have a week or a week and a half to reach an agreement to reduce the deficit
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before we bump up against the debt ceiling on august 2nd. the president says he and congressional leaders, because of the short time period, will meet every day until they reach a deal. talks here today got underway an hour ago but just because they are talking does not mean they are compromising and president obama says it will take compromise on the issue of additional tax revenues if there will be an agreement. >> i do not see a deal if they don't budge. period. if the bake proposition is it is my way or the highway we are probably not going to get something done because we have decided government. >>reporter: a couple of minutes ago north dakota senator con road -- conrad said, yes we have a spending problem, the highest it has been as percentage of g.d.p. of 60 years but revenue is the lowest in the same amount of time.
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>>shepard: how do we get this close to the deadlines with the two sides so far apart on major issues? >>reporter: it is as if they didn't believe what each was saying. the president made clear from the start closing corporate tax lop holes and ending oil and gas subsidies and other revenue increases were part of the deal he wanted and democratic sources say vice president biden made clear additional revenue had to be part of the lesser deal, in the talks he led, but, of course, republicans walked away from both sets of negotiations over the issue of tax increases. how speaker boehner says they remain never going to go along with them. >> no tax increases. ever. on the table. there was never ever any agreement to allow tax rates to go up in any discussion i have ever had with the white house. not once. >>reporter: boehner says he discussed lowering tax rates tad
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broadening the base but never raising tax rates. >>shepard: thank you, from the white house, wendell. in a few moments we will talk with the assistant managing editor of the "wall street journal" about the united states debt dilemma. politically and economically what is at stake in a few minutes inside "studio b" but, first, six days from now a woman named casey anthony is set to leave her jail cell in central florida after a jury of her peers acquitted her of murdering her daughter. as a juror left her job and is new in hiding, frightened by the anger backlash over this verdict. of course, a number of spectators have expressed outrage at the decision. the husband of juror number 12, whose name is not being released, the husband of that juror told nbc news that before his wife left the state of florida she told him and i quote, "i'd rather go to jail than it is on a jury like this
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again." our chief correspondent for the fox report has the news live back in new york. some of the jurors seem scared to death. >>jonathan: they do. this woman juror number 12 we are led to believe is a woman in her 60's and she moved to florida from michigan and was working at a public supermarket down there and she was basically, they said to her husband, terrified to go back to work because she was worried about the reaction she would get from her colleagues. she also had received death threats as other jurors v. and then the fears, too, being expressed by casey anthony's defense team about her safety when she is released on july 17th. those fears prompted, in part, by the facebook page which is become hugely popular, some 36,000 people have now "liked" a facebook page which is titled "i hate casey anthony."
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>>shepard: is there a sense one way or the other about whether this could change jurors down the road? >>jonathan: we spoke to a jury consultant and we will bring you that report later, but she says you could have the backlash of people being just too scared to be on a jury, so, trying to get out of the it would diminish the jury pool. but she said, also, what people might begin looking at is having? you like, professional jurors, in other words, people who are essentially full time jurors, trained to be neutral as best as you and train someone to be neutral, also, trained to deal with the media, and this kind of backlash from this kind of case so she said, yes, there could be some very serious investigations or changes to the way juries are picked and how they are treated. >>shepard: thank you, jonathan, and he will chat away about this story and the other
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led lines at and click on "on the hunt," and join in the conversation. he could quote you or put your mug up there or something, at greet that -- greta sat down with the foreman of the casey anthony murder trial and will be on this newscast. panetta expressing frustration that the iraqi government has not decided what to ask us troops to stay there past the end of the year. there are 46,000 combat troops inside iraq. but a december 31 deadline called for all of them to leave unless iraq asks the pentagon to some u.s. forces to stay. or that is what they tell us. military officials signal they would like to keep 10,000 troops in iraq, and, really, who wouldn't? it is not just about keeping the country safe but about the costs. the longer the iraqi government postpones the decision the more
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expensive and difficult the exchange in plans would be. jennifer is live at the message, damn it, the gates era is over. >> and we lost count how many times pentagon has says "hell of a," during the trip. it is not just that the iraqis are slow to ask the united states troops to stay beyond december 31 but they have been slow to form a cabinet and do not have a against minister or interior minister and their election was over a year ago. >> frankly, sometimes it can be frustrating. i with like to move it faster in terms of the decision-making process. i would like them they make a decision, stay, or don't want to us stay? do you want a minister of defense or don't you want a minister of defense, but, damn it, milk -- make a decision. >> refreshing candor from the new defense secretary. >> he used the trip to draw attention to iran, saying that
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interference in iraq. >>reporter: blaming iran for training the militia, fighters that are killing u.s. troops and he went on to talk about rockets that iran has fared and there were three rockets fired into the green zone while panetta was there, today, and, in fact, iraqi officials and u.s. officials took journalists on a tour of the damage and the u.s. official saying that those were iranian rockets. >> we are very concerned about iran and weapons they provide to extremists here in iraq. and the reality is we have seen the results of that in june when we last a hell of a lot of americans as a result of those attacks.
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we cannot just simply stand back and allow this to continue to happen. >> june was the most deadly month for u.s. troops with 14 service members killed, the highest rate? more than two years. >>shepard: thank you, jennifer, from the pentagon. there is compromise in short supply in washington, dc, these days and now both republicans and democrats are blaming each other for not bending. what's the truth? we will try to get to that in a minute, and, also, remember the intern hernandez who saved the life of congresswoman gabrielle giffords, he will get a huge honor. we will speak with him before he threes out the pitch for the all stars game at chase field at a comfortable 74 inside and 105 outside in the valley of the sun.
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>>shepard: the clocking ticking now on the doubt stand off in washington, dc. president obama meeting with congressional leaders today to try to reach a solution to our enormous debt crisis. so far neither side is willing to budge. and three weeks from today the deadline expires for lawmakers to reach an agreement on raising the debt limit. what happens if they don't make deal? and now, the assistant managing editor for the "wall street journal" which is owned by our parent network. >>guest: the idea that the u.s. would defought on its debt, geithner said this over the weekend, it is simply not on the table. it is not a possibility. you would have a reduction in credibility abroad and reduction in our credit rating. you thing what is going on in jump with greece and italy and spain is a problem, it would be orders of magnify tuesday more trouble than that.
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>>shepard: but republicans have said, we are not going to raise taxes on anybody, no how, no way and if they decide not to and the president does not move his line, we are stuck. help me understand what is solution might be given the politics of washington, dc, today. >>guest: that is right. part of the solution, whatever happens, look, obama is politically realistic when he says we cannot kick the can down the road for three or six months. we have to do something now because the 1212 recollection is around the corner and washington will freeze up on the difficult decisions if you wait much longer than now. so, what will a deal look like? smaller than what obama wants and bigger than what boehner wants and it will begin to address some of the tax issues. now, obamas is said he is willing to do that through a reformation of the tax code to give republicans cover do do
3:18 pm
things in the tax structure they may not want to go public with right now. and it will have to at some point in the next week or two, we will hear medicare and medicaid being discussed. they are not discussed now. >>shepard: you cannot do this without towning entitlements, medicare, medicaid and somebody has to jump up and say, hello, against department, you have to be cut, too. but, you mentioned they might be able to tin customer with something on the tax side that the republicans would not want to talk about. like what? >>guest: well, obama wants to address this through two parts. one is by dropping some of the subsidy force -- for oil and gas and rethinking the bush tax cuts for the wealthy. if you go into this saying, look, we will not just ask for that, we will ask for, instead, for to us rethink our tax code, then you create a much bigger, broader discussion.
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it is not taxes going up on the wealthy on the table but a more, broader discussion of how americans are to raise revenue. that gives cover for the discussion with republicans and their base. shipship john, thank you from the "wall street journal" which is owned by our parent company. body scanners, x-rays and pat downs, the security measures at airports, yet somebody still managed to get a stun gun on to an airplane this weekend. who knows, maybe they were worried about a 3.2 ounce bottle of shampoo. crews of the space shuttle and international space station dodge a very intermediates and serious threat. from the valley the sun in arizona time for the home run derby tonight, the all-star game tomorrow night, and that's on
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big fox.
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>>shepard: and 23 minutes past 3:00 on wall street, a lot of this is about our debt crisis in the united states and more so in europe where italy has joined "we're in trouble crowd," the markets do not like it and the dow jones industrial average is off considerably 1.4 percent with just about 37 minutes left in the trading day. a major security concern across the river from new york city, at newark, new jersey, at the lebanonty international airport after a crew found a stun gun stuffed in the back pocket of a seat. though discovered the weapon after the jet landed with 96
3:24 pm
passengers on the plane were fine and off the plane. and an certify file spokesman says it does not look as if the stun gun was meant to be used in an attack but how did it get past airport security. they were probably very carefully watching out for your 3.2 ounce bottle of conditioner. and now, live from the new york city news room. what are the authorities saying? >>guest: a remarkable story. and the f.b.i. leading the investigation into what does appear to be a fully functioning stun gun foundation on the boston to newark, new jersey flight. the screening crew turned over the gun found in a pocket after the passengers deplaned and the f.b.i. identified the passengers that were sitting in the row but it is not necessarily them that brought it aboard. and, today, they are trying to reassure the public. here is what they said: it does not appear the people were in danger at any time, the preliminary information we have a this time does not lead to us
3:25 pm
believe this was part of imminent attack. they will not tell us how they know that, and jetblue will only confirm the discovery and is deferring to the transportation administration and the f.b.i. for comment. it remains unclear if the stun gun was carried through a passenger screening or if it was left by someone that wasn't a passenger. >>shepard: it is stunning you cannot wear a belt, you have to take off your hat and shoes, no liquids more than three ounces, they touch your junk yet they miss a stun gun. >>guest: it is not supposed to be in the cabin and many airlines let you take it in the checked baggage and until it is determined what that device slipped through a t.s.a. check point the t.s.a. spokesman cites the many layers of other security. beyond check points, they want you to know they have air marshals and cops at doors and
3:26 pm
armed pilots, but that still left passengers and port authority police concerned. >> there are a lot of scenarios that could have went on and this is something that needs to be addressed immediately. how can they miss it? i had a thorough check. >> they are checking down on security. you would think something big like that would be noticed. >> your shampoo, example, that lays it out. despite the f.b.i. preliminary find leg is no evidence of planned attack, one security expert told me, how that device got aboard it has to be determined quickly? there is an existing loophole it better be shut down immediately. shep? >>shepard: i don't, i can't get a ring through the thing. or a bracelet. crazy. thousands standing around and they are busy. thank you like from new york, thank you. the jury may is acquitted casey
3:27 pm
anthony, it did, acquitted her of murdering her daughter but that does not mean they all thought she was innocent. far from it. the jury foreman speaks to our own reporter and cigarette that -- greta joins us live and we report live from the valley of the sun, phoenix, arizona, chase field, they are running around and practicing for the big event that you will see tonight, the home run derby, and, tomorrow night, the all stars game on fox. ions of hits! [ male announc ] flick, stack, and move between active apps seamlessly. only on the new hp touchpad with webos.
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>>shepard: a live look at chase field and the kids are out this afternoon. this is a lot of fun to watch and i am sure everyone has heard of punt, pass and kick, the football scorch television for children. this is the mlb pitch, hit, and run, national finals so kids of all different ages from all over the country have come into phoenix where they are competing for the very best at what they do as part of america's greatest past time. it has been a lot of fun on chase field for the little kids. 50,000 seat stadium and you are in the heart of it 12 years old. a good time for all the little ones. and that is what this game is all about. i'm shepard smith and this is "studio b" and the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the
3:32 pm
news. the jury foreman in the casey anthony murder trial speaking to fox news about the most controversial verdicts sin the o.j. trial saying it disgusted him to hand her a in the guilty verdict for murder. listen. >> i had to sign off on the verdict the sheet given to me and there was a feel of disgust knowing my signature and her signature were there on the same sheet. >>shepard: their signatures on the same sheet and a number of jurors fear for their safety and now greta live in our washington studio what did you learn? >>reporter: he was drafted by the other juror and they listened to the evidence and they simply after hearing all the evidence were not convinced because there was speculation but what was key for not guilty they did not know what the cause
3:33 pm
of death was. they knew what the prosecution said was the cause of death but it was not prove ton their satisfaction and that is what hung them up. it does not mean they liked her. you heard the sound clip he was disgusted but that was the most important piece of evidence. they did not know how she died. >>shepard: legally speak for a jury to render a verdict do the members need to be satisfied of a specific cause of death? >>reporter: that a murder occurred. so to that extent, they have to acknowledge a crime has been committed so, yes, they is to. and, as we have proven beyond a reasonable doubt, it is not just something, they are in the gyredded by emotion, they are guided by facts and what the prosecution presented to them. >>shepard: they were very, very careful to explain to all of us that it is not as if they
3:34 pm
thought casey anthony was "innocent." in fact, we have a clip officer your interview with this juror to that point. listen. >> did anybody think that george was believable or credible or were others likewise suspicious of him? >>guest: there was suspicion. that was part of our conversation. that we had of what i call the round robin topics during the deliberation. >>shepard: that was about the grandfather, george anthony, the grandfather of the father who died, the father of casey anthony. was he specific at all? did he give you an idea what their suspicions were recording george anthony? >>reporter: they thought he could be very involved with what happened to that child. they were not certain. it is interesting that this juror did not believe the child molestation allegation by baez but he always thought through the trial that george was the
3:35 pm
least believable of the prosecution witness for this juror. and they thought he knew more than he was saying and i suspect the juror is being cagey but he did not like george anthony, at all. >>shepard: it is hard if you watch the trial not to come up with your own opinion. my opinion is not interesting pore the point of discussion but the juror's opinion of the big picture is interesting. did he give you an idea of the, what he believes might have happened or would he not be that specific? >>reporter: the issue i want the viewers to understand, the jurors see a different trial than we do remember the guy who flipped the bird and got sick days from the judge? the jurors never heard about that. we all watched it as the guy got on stage but the jury see as
3:36 pm
different trial and this jurier said in terms of what happened to casey anthony, he said, look, i'm just speculating. .know. i was present add bunch of information from both sides and nothing was convincing. the issue of the chlorophyll is that the prosecution never said, where was it purchased? where did they get the chlorophyll. there was know chlorophyll on the steering wheel, why wasn't it on the steering while or on the door to get into the car? that is the kind of uncertainty that the jury had on many of the pieces of the prosecution evidence. >>shepard: a lost unanswered questions. i will look forward to the rest of the interview tonight "on the record," tonight at 10:00 eastern and here in arizona when you have to know the news is to go to greta, the first interview of juror number 11. families and friends attending a nunn reality for the texas
3:37 pm
rangers fan who fell to his death trying to scratch a baseball last week. he is shannon stone, a firefighter who went to the game with his six-year-old and when the rangers outfielder and superstar josh hamilton tossed a ball he stumbled over the railing and is fell 20' and died. he initially survived but in the ambulance he had a massive heart attack and died according to authorities. hundreds came to pay respect at the first united methodist church in texas. among those were members of the front office of the rangers and firefighters from across the state of texas. tomorrow is a big day for some of the best major leaguers, and for sports best is with us for a preview of the all star game just ahead. stay tuned.
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>>shepard: and baseball's big stars gear up in the valley of the sun the national football league is dealing with black eyes for two of their star players, happening over the weekend. police arresting the steeler wide receiver outside atlanta, and dancing with the stars charge charged with drunk driving. and here is the mug shot. and the mug shot of a cincinnati bengals quaterback pac-man jones, hello, again, pac-man, nice to see you again. he was arrested on sunday on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and resisting
3:42 pm
arrest. and now, trace is working this with the west coast news hub. what more do we know? >>trace: both are denying the charge and one was arrested after police spotted the vehicle swerving on the road and hitting a curve and he was given a southfield sobriety test which they say he field and he refused to take a breathalyzer and he has apologized to his fans and on the one hand but he says he was not drunk and pac-man jones is accused of being drunk and shouting profanity at a downtown cincinnati nightclub when police tried to arrest him he pulled away from them. but he says he didn't. listen. >> the only thing i could do is be me and do what i supposed to do but i was not yelling at the police, i did not yell profanity and i am the one, i am the bad guy. so ... i leave it at that.
3:43 pm
>>trace: he has been arrested sex times before and suspended from the nfl twice before. >>shepard: so sad. pac-man so misunderstood. this would be convenient and almost perfect time to blame the lock intermediate for the troubles of individuals, wouldn't it? >>trace: yes and some are doing just that saying they are young, rich and have way too much time on their hands and because they don't have contact with their coaches, or their player development director, the guy whose take the players under their wing and advise them on personal issues and real estate issues, so far this year there have been 36 arrests in the nfl up from last year and the nfl says even with the lock their policy of arrest stays. association pac-man will get another visit from the commissioner. >>shepard: it is hard to get in trouble when you are at work. trace, thank you, from los angeles. trace, thank you. the best players in baseball, or at least some of the best
3:44 pm
players in baseball are here in phoenix for the all-star game and tonight, home run derby. but, before that, some of the greatest sluggers will battle tonight in the hit it out of the park condition test. last year it was david ortiz from boston there, who knocked 32 out of the park to take the title. we hope he scant do it again. and the yankees player joining us now from fox report. and jose has to be a runaway favorite. >> the run this guy has been on the past year is phenomenal. >> 54 home runs last year, 31 this year, i like josh hamilton. >> i like josh hamilton, too. i was a little bit worried about josh hamilton and the rangers family after the unthinkable tragedy that happened, and have you heard from him. how is he doing? >> he was, people do not know what we are talking about, he
3:45 pm
threw a ball up into the stands and shannon stone was there with his six-year-old son, cooper, and shannon stone fell to his death, and he went home to be and his family and he said he could hear the young boy calling for his dad as he fell, and josh want through a lot, you have to hope that he keeps on the straight and narrow and he keeps things together because that would rock the world of any of us sitting up here or any of us watching. >>shepard: she a hero to a lot of people i know. new york fans love him. >> speaking of morning and heroes, gear is -- jeter is a ho to a lot particularly after saturday and we hope he comes to the game tomorrow night and has the celebration that started on saturday. >>shepard: i watched the local broadcast of that game, obviously, and it is hard to
3:46 pm
express, he has always had a flare for the dramatic. the third five fore five, going five for five for the third time on the day he hits the 3,000 and beats the rays singlehandedly. he is unbelievable. >>guest: we have a fondness for him because of our first jesus 1996 and that was his first year, really, and he won--. >>shepard: you have a fundness for the yankees. >>guest: come on, don't pile up on me, so we have mu whatted this guy not only succeed but come through all the key spots. he is the most watched player. >> the play against oakland in 2001, the backhand flip. and participating in the world
3:47 pm
series and coming back to this ballpark, there is no way you can come back in the ballpark and not thing of that game seven in 2001. >>shepard: this is an important game. everybody is not showing up. 16 or 17 players down, but it matters. the winner gets home field advantage in the world series. >>guest: yes, when you look at it everybody dissected this thing, 60 different ways and it has made made this game better and players care. the guys are competitive and they should care anyway, but, you change the game by doing this and that is good. >>shepard: any thought? >>guest: we used to choose up sides when we were kids and if
3:48 pm
you didn't get the right guys on your side you would say, well, we got size on you, do you remember that? the al has sides on the nl. >>shepard: all right, guys, tomorrow is the home run derby and tomorrow 8:00 eastern and 5:00 out here. >>guest:13th time we is done this together. we have not driven enough people away to get fired. >>shepard: an honor, guys. thank you. the ball could be worth hundreds of thousands, but a good jay -- yankee fan who caught the 3,000 hit of jeter gave the ball back and charged zero dollars and zero cents. the reasons up ahead. stay tuned.
3:49 pm
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>>shepard: and i mentioned they were having debt talks at the white house to figure out if there is a compromise to get us out of this disaster that is going on with the debt. our correspondent says they talked for 90 minutes today and moments ago the talks broke up. what happened? as far as we can tell, not much. the lady in the pink dress was work on the microphone and that could be the highlight. the intern who helped save the life of congresswoman gabrielle giffords will throw out the first pitch at the all stars game tomorrow night. that is after the gunman shot
3:53 pm
congresswoman gabrielle giffords and daniel hernandez ran and held her upright so she could breath and he applied pressure to her head wound and may have helped save her. after the shooting the president of the united states pledged to strengthen gun legislation and now the administration is prepared to act. but as you might imagine, there is plenty of opposition. and now from washington, how much heat on the president getting to this issue? >>reporter: a lot. folks are going public now saying six months after the shooting in tucson they expected more from the president and action on the way of gun control. i talked to the brady campaign against gun violence. >> there have been 6,000 americans shot and killed in homicides since the tucson shooting. this is not a new problem. a continuing american tragedy. so every day that passes without action we unnecessarily lose
3:54 pm
innocent lives. i want the president to understand that. >>reporter: the white house said there is a executive action we will see very soon from the president on this topic. >>shepard: how are gun rights activists reacting to the word that white house has something on tap here? >>reporter: they are very skeptical. i talked with the attorney who argued one of the biggest second amendment cases of the supreme court and won a couple of years back. >> the president is the commander in chief of the armed forces, not the commander of the american people and he does not dictate what the law is. if congress refuses to enact a particular law and there is no law on the books that allow as president to do something he wants the president is powerless. >>reporter: the president has mentioned that both agree the background check database needs to be cloned up for the birr of both sides. >>shepard: thank you, from capitol hill this afternoon.
3:55 pm
next the guy who caught the 3,000 hit of derek jeter and gave it back. bare alert. ♪
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>>shepard: so you are your favorite team stadium when your favorite player is going for his 3,000 hit and that becomes a home run and it so happened you catch it. you just caught a piece of baseball history worth hundreds of thousands. do you keep it? or give it to your hero? the yankee fan chris lopez caught jeter's 3,000 and it was estimated to go for up to $500,000, but this yankee fan decided against selling it and gave it back to the captain. >> i have a substantial amount of student loan but i am only 23 i have a lot of time to pay them
3:59 pm
off and he deserves this completely. he has worked his entire life for the milestone marker and is the only yankee ever to do this in a uniform and he has been the captain and i could not do that to the guy. >> lopez did not go empty hands the yankees gave him audit to graphed balls and jerseys and four champion season tickets for every remaining home game including the playoffs and those are expensive seats. >> bear alert, black bear today in someone's backyard, climbing a tree in new york city suburb and police and folks from the department of environmental control climbed on the garage and set up nets and how came the tranquilizer gun and then the bear lost his gp a fell and missed the net and hit the garage and landed on the mall and now the experts will treat it for a next wound before they release it

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